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Shoe4Africa Youth Development,
April 3, 2024, ZAFIRI, LINK

Shoe4Africa ALL4Running school has a refuge in the World Champs, April 2024, World Athletics LINK

Shauna Boyd running for charities & Shoe4Africa, Feb 29, 2024, Draper Journal, LINK

Running into Toby Tanser, Jan 29, 2024, Run Republic, LINK

Contractor takes site to create Children’s Village, Dec 24th, 2023, LINK

Tricia Quartey runs for Team Shoe4Africa, Sept 18, 2023, LINK

Refugees finding refuge at the All4Africa school, WORLD ATHLETICS, June 19, 2023 LINK

Icelandic story of Shoe4Africa, Hlaup.is, April 25th, 2023 LINK

Government partnering with Shoe4Africa, Kenyans.co, Jan 3rd, 2023 LINK

Two partners, Shoe4Africa Foundation, New York, USA & Sidekick Foundation, Kenyan Broadcasting Company, Jan 3, 2023,LINK

More Hope for Children through Shoe4Africa, The Daily Nation, Dec 24th, 2022 LINK
Video LINK

Cherono and Chelimo put smiles on Kenyan Kids at Shoe4Africa, The Star Dec 14th, 2022 LINK

Philanthropist, Athletes, celebrate the 1,000,000th patient. The Nation, Dec 13th, 2022 LINK 

First Children’s Only for Eldoret, The Standard, Jan 9th, 2022 LINK

Paula brings Christmas Cheer to Shoe4Africa School, The Nation, Dec 26th, 2021 LINK

Athletes’ Christmas Gift for children battling cancer, Dec 25th, 2021 LINK

Paula Radcliffe headlines charity event for new cancer hospital in Eldoret, NTV, DEC 25th 2021 VIDEO

Paula & Isla, the Shoe4Africa Juli Anne Perry Children’s Cancer Hospital, KBC, Dec 25, 2021 VIDEO

Retired athletes to raise 100 million, The Star, Dec 24th, LINK

Equator Run raises 250M KSH for cancer patients, The Standard, Dec 24th 2021 LINK

Une Course caritative à Eldoret pour la cause des enfants, Dec 24th, 2021 LINK

Eldoret’s race for a children’s hospital, The Nation, Dec 23rd, 2021 LINK

British Legend in Kenya, The Standard, Dec 19th, 2021 LINK

Grad (Ben Alhers) raises money for cancer hospital, The Messenger, Nov 26th, 2021 LINK

Paula raising funds for Shoe4Africa, Virgin Radio, Chris Evans. November 22nd, 21 LINK

International School of London, Partner for Change Nov 21 LINK

Kristine Frosoth Running for Shoe4Africa a worthy cause, Daily Mirror. Nov 2021 LINK

Running for a Worthy Cause Endurance Biz Oct 26th, 2021 LINK

Celebrity Stars at the Marathon. ABC television.  Oct 27th, 2021 LINK

Dramatic Change Oct 2021 LINK

Mary Keitany announces Shoe4Africa work and retirement from sport Runner’s World Sept 2021 LINK

Trees planted in honor of the late politician at Shoe4Africa, MTRH Official, Aug 2021 LINK

Athlete’s supporting Schools (Almost all are profit schools, except S4A and P.K. Koech) TUKO, May 2021 LINK

Shoe4Africa’s ALL4RUNNING project and world champ Janeth Daily Sport May 11th, 2021 LINK

Veteran runner now own Schools in their counties, The Standard, Dec 2020.  LINK

Apples for the Shoe4Africa Hospital Tuk0 Dec 26th, 2019 LINK

Running to make a Difference, Isabelle Turner July 2020 LINK

Housemaid to multimillionaire & Mary with Shoe4Africa, Kenyans CO Feb 2020 LINK

Spreading Xmas cheer at Shoe4Africa Hospital NTV, Dec 25th, 2019 LINK PDF

Early xmas for the sick kids Hivisasa, Dec 24th 2019 LINK

State, and Shoe4Africa, honor Mary Keitany, Dec 2019 Tuko.co.ke link

Maid to Marathon Champion Nov 2nd, 2019 New York Times, link.

New Classrooms for Shoe4Africa Hospital Aug 4th, 2019, link

Why I run at the age of 65 for Kenyan Kids June 2019 link. Daily Nation.

Health & Healing. June 2019. link

Netzathleten Magazin, Fundraising in the New York Half Marathon, April 2019 LINK

Shoe4Africa set to lay Astro turf pitch.  December 31st.  The Star.

Football facility added!  December 30th Link Daily Nation.

Make merry and dig in, but be ready for busy 2019. December 25th. LINK. Nation media.

Keitany, Tanser Offers Christmas Gifts To Hospitalised Children, Opens Basketball Court.  December 24th. LINK.  Daily Sports

World Beaters at the Hospital.  December 24th LINK video. National television Kenya.

Shoe4Africa offers sick kids gifts. December 24th.  LINK.  Daily Nation.

Mary Keitany Shoe4Africa School.  Athlete gives back. 12 Aug 2018 LINK Daily Nation.

AGUA Swimmer Empowers Children in Eldoret, Kenya 23 July 2018  LINK Swimming World News

Bring backstroke to Kenya July 2018 LINK Swimswam.

72hr hour makeover from the BuyOut company, June 2018 LINK the Denver Channel.

What to expect when you visit Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital. June 10th, 2018 LINK  HiviSasa

Groundbreaking for new educational project at the Shoe4Africa Hospital March 9th, 2018 LINK

Marathon Granny laces up for Shoe4Africa, March 2018 LINK

Ruby in the Rift Project at Shoe4Africa, Jan 10th, 2018 LINK

Top Athletes bring loads of goodies Nation, Dec. 25th, 2017 LINK

Mary Keitany at the Shoe4Africa Hospital, Daily Sport Dec 24th, 2017 LINK

Free Internships at Shoe4Africa, $30 fee waived, Hivisasa, Dec 2017 LINK

Natalie helps Shoe4Africa, MuswellBrook Chronicle, Nov 10th, 2017, LINK

Joel Cohen runs a marathon for Shoe4Africa, Canadian Running Magazine, Nov 2017 LINK

NYC Drives Melina Buck, Buffalo News, Oct 20th, 2017 LINK

Athletes helping with Charity; Ben Limo, Sept 29th, 2017 LINK

Business Daily Africa, aug 17, 2017, Jael Amara for Shoe4Africa.  LINK

Great Falls Tribune, Aug 8th, 2017, Lizz Coyle runs for Shoe4Africa. LINK

WasupAfrica Athletes donate from Belgium, Dubai March 13th, 2017 LINK

Daily Nation, Dec 25th, 2016
Clinical officers in row with pharmacists,
The Star, Dec 24, 2016
Top Athletes lighten up Christmas
The Daily Nation, Dec 24th, 2016
Athletes foundation bring Christmas Cheer

The Daily Nation March 8, 2016
Healing Shoes – giving shoes to Hospital kids

The Borgen Magazine January, 29th 2016
Shoe4Africa improves Healthcare & Education for kids
The Borgen Magazine

The Standard December, 31st 2015
Athletes, Shoe4Africa visit children’s hospital
The Standard (Website)

Citizen News December 26th 2015 – (video)
Shoe4africa hosts a Gift Day at Christmas for the kids.

The Daily Nation December, 24th 2015
Nandi Runner wins Shoe4Africa
The Daily Nation (Website)

K24TV December 24th 2015 – (video) 10th Annual Shoe4Africa Race.

The Star December, 24th 2015
Jepleting in focus for Shoe4Africa 5k
The Star (Website)

HowAfricaSeptember, 22nd 2015
5 Female Celebrities that have a heart for Africa (#2 Natalie Portman)

The People’s Daily, August, 31st 2015
Why I built a Children’s Hospital
The People’s Daily (Website)

The Star, August, 13th 2015
Macharia opens Sh600 million Children’s Hospital
The People’s Star (Website)

The Star, April, 14th 2015
Shoe4Africa hospital ready in a few weeks
The Star (Website link)

The Star, March 27th, 2015
Cancer Hospital & New Kids Hospital.

The Star (website link)

The Star, December, 30th 2014
Shoe4Africa race continues to grow
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

Daily Nation, December, 24th 2014
Jepleting wins Shoe4Africa Road Race in Iten
Article (PDF Format)
Daily Nation (Website)

HiviSasaDecember, 24th 2014
Christmas gift as Sela Jepleting triumphs at Shoe4Africa
Article (PDF Format)
HiviSasa (Website)

Daily Nation
December, 23rd 2014
Huge field to do battle in today’s Shoe4Africa race
Article (PDF Format)
Daily Nation (Website)

Spiegel Online, December, 19th 2014
Non Profit Organization Shoe4Africa
Spiegel Online (Website)

Kipyego, an ambassador for Shoe4Africa Dec 4th, 2014

Athletics Illustrated (Website)

The Star, October, 29th 2014
Kenya: 100 Beds Children’s Hospital Under Construction in Eldoret
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

ABC 10 News, October, 10th 2014
Celebrity marathoners: the pressure, the pitfalls, the payoff
ABC 10 NEWS (Website)

BrooklynVegan, Connan Mockasin, (website) Oct 2014

Coweta American, October, 1st 2014
Coweta couple to run, host laser tag to aid African children
Article (PDF Format)
Coweta American (Website)

Footwear News, September, 8th 2014
LShoes a second life…
Footwear News (Website)

Die Welt, September, 8th 2014
Laufer Spenden
Die Welt (Website)

Daily Nation, June, 22nd 2014
Forget advisories, all I want is to see children live healthy
Article (PDF Format)
Daily Nation (Website)

Daily Nation, June, 22nd 2014
Celebrities unite to build biggest children’s public hospital in Africa
Article (PDF Format)
Daily Nation (Website)

The Competitor, May, 5th 2014
Pepsico supports Running
The Competitor (Website)

Al JazeeraDecember, 17th 2013
I am a shoe
Article (PDF Format)
Al Jazeera (Website)

New York Post, December, 6th and 7th 2013
T-Mobile Shoe4Africa 5k
Article (PDF Format)
New York Post (Website)

Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital, September, 10th 2013
Construction for Shoe4Africa Children Hospital gets underway
Article (PDF Format)
Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital (Website)

Business Daily, August, 31st 2013
Shoe4Africa opens fourth sports school to nurture young talent
Article (PDF Format)

Business Daily, August, 22nd 2013
Children’s Hospital
Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, August, 22nd 2013
Work on Sh516m free children hospital starts
Article (PDF Format)

Business Daily, June, 25th 2013
Shoe4Africa opens fourth sports school to nurture young talent
Article (PDF Format)
Business Daily (Website)

The People, June, 24th 2013
Shoe4Africa opens another centre
Article (PDF Format)

janjiJuly, 30th 2013
Toby Tanser, Shoe4Africa: From Shoes to Schools
Run for Another Blog (Website)

The Daily PrincetonianApril, 25th 2013
Team U raises over $5,000 at Unite Half Marathon
The Princetonian (Website)

Cosmopolitan, April, 23rd 2013
Celebrity Natalie Portman supports Shoe4Africa
Cosmopolitan AU (Website)

AM730April, 5th 2013
FiveFingers photos from Kenya
Article (PDF Format)
am730 (Website)

ABC Katie Couric, March, 7th 2013
Girls Around the World
How Actor Anthony Edwards is Using Sports to Help Women in Africa (Video)

USA weekend, Feb, 7th 2013
Anthony Edwards, back to work and run

The Star, January, 1st 2013
Charity to Build Sh2 Billion Eldoret Children’s Hospital
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

The Star, December, 31st 2012
Best performing CEO Kibosia gets Kibaki’s approval
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

The Standard, December, 28th 2012
Kibarus prowess
Article (PDF Format)

The Star, December, 28th 2012
Enthusiasm in Shoe4Africa run far from dimished in Iten
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

Daily Nation, December, 24th 2012
Kibarus wins Shoe4Africa annual women’s race in Iten
Article (PDF Format)
Daily Nation (Website)

Standard Digital News, December, 22nd 2012
Race for charity
Article (PDF Format)
Standard Digital News (Website)

Runner’s World, December, 20th 2012
Runner-Funded Hospital to Open in Kenya
Article (PDF Format)
Runner’s World (Website)

The Star, December, 20th 2012
Shoe charity to build special kids hospital in Eldoret
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

LetsRun.com, December, 19th 2012
It’s The Time Of Year To Be Thankful
Article (PDF Format)
LetsRun.com (Website)

Standard Digital News, December, 19th 2012
Running for Health
Article (PDF Format)
Standard Digital News (Website)

The Star, December, 14th 2012
A lot at stake at Shoe4Africa women’s race
Article (PDF Format)
The Star (Website)

Pajama Party Books, November, 19th 2012
An Interview with Shoe4Africa
Article (PDF Format)
Pajama Press (Website)

New York Times, November, 8th 2012
Beyond Competition, Running for a Greater Cause
Article (PDF Format)
New York Times (Website)

ESPN, November, 2nd 2012
A tale of two marathoners
Article (PDF Format)
ESPN.com (Website)

Living the promise, PepsiCo Employee Blog, November, 1st 2012
Never dream too big: From Inspiring Kenyan Runners to Building Hospitals
Article (PDF Format)
PepsiCo (Website)

Justmeans, November, 1st 2012
NYC Marathon Team to Raise Money for Kenyan Children’s Hospital
Article (PDF Format)
Justmeans (Website)

Liberty University, October 29th, 2012
Liberty Athletics Trainer Running for Charity
Article (PDF Format)
Liberty University (Website)

Android, September, 19th 2012
Board member gets T-Mobile top job
Android (Website)

NJ.com, April, 20th 2012
For Princeton students, every step raises funds for charity
NJ.com (Website)

Capital FM Sports, April, 4th 2012
Medal machine Jepkosgei revs for Olympics
Article (PDF Format)
Capital FM Sports (Website)

British Embassy Washington, March, 23rd 2012
Minister Bellingham Meets with Shoe4Africa, Promotes Sport is GREAT
Article (PDF Format)
British Embassy(Website)

Acht.Fünf, January 2012
Shoe4Africa Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, December 28, 2011
Empowering Schools Article (PDF Format)

The Standard, December 24, 2011
Battle for shoes Article (PDF Format)

Sunday Nation, December, 24th 2011
Chepkirui wins Shoe4Africa Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, December 23, 2011
Sh83,000 on offer for course record at Shoe4Africa race Article (PDF Format)

Sunday Nation, December, 23rd 2011
All set for Shoe4Africa race Article (PDF Format)

Sunday Nation, December, 25th 2011
athletics, women, road, race, shoe, africa, Kenya Article (PDF Format)

Forbes Magazine, December 2011
Shoe4Africa Advert Ad

Forbes Magazine, September 2011
Shoe4Africa Advert Ad

The Standard, August 2011
Maruge’s school receives Sh380,000 equipment Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, August 2011
Kenyan Legend Article (PDF Format)

New York Runner, May 2011
Racing for a cause Article (PDF Format)

ESQUIRE magazine, April 7th, 2011, Running Kilimanjaro for charity (Article)

WHOM YOU KNOW, Rodney Cutler, Sea to the Stars March 16th, 2011 (WEB)

Daily Nation, January, 17th 2011
Million-Dollar-Run ‘from the sea to the stars’ Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, January, 17th 2011
From the sea to the stars Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, January 17th, 2011
Million Dollar Charity Run Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, January 2011
Kogo, Chepkurui win Nandi road race Article (PDF Format)

IdeaMensch – Passionate People bringing Ideas to Life, January 2011
Toby Tanser – Founder of Shoe4Africa Article (PDF Format)

Saturday Nation, January 2011
Kelai helps feed poor in Turka Article (PDF Format)

Saturday Nation, January 2011
Shoe4Africa to help feed Turkana poor click-Article (PDF Format)

Saturday Nation, January 2011
US runner and author’s desire to build Eldoret hospital stays alive click-Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation, December 27th, 2010
Shoe4africa to help feed poor Turkana. Click-Article (Web)

Saturday Nation, December 2010
Cash galore at Shoe4Africa race Article (PDF Format)

The Herald Scotland, October 2010
Liz McColgan gets back to New York state of mind Article (PDF Format)

Make a Difference, Teen Vogue, July 2010 Article

Fashion Gives Back, EILEEN DAUTRUCHE, July 2010 Article

Competitor Network, July 2010
The Power of One: Exclusive Interview With Toby Tanser Article (Web Site)

People Magazine, Caught Caring Nov 5th, 2009 (website Article)

Gothamist Tegla Loroupe, Anthony Edwards running for Shoe4Africa (website Article)

Popsugar Anthony Edwards runs second year for Shoe4Africa (website Article)

People Magazine, November 2nd, 2009

Stars run for fun… and good causes Article

NY POST celebrities run NYC, October 2009 Article PDF

CNN ‘ER’ star to run for a good cause WEB October 2009

Runners World
October 2009

I am a Runner: Anthony Edwards Article (PDF Format)

The New York Times

October 2009

The Roving Runner: One Actress, Many Characters Article (PDF Format)
NY Times website

World Net Daily
September 2009

President Clinton’s wonderful example Article

Runners World
March 2009

Soccer in the slums Article March 2009

More Fire, The Best Book About Kenyan Running And Runners Article (PDF Format)

Metro Life
December 2008

“Magic” Shoe nets millions for charity Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation
December 2008

Gift of hospital to Kenyan children Article (PDF Format)

Sunday Nation
December 2008

Galaxy of stars light up Kibera Article (PDF Format)

Sports for Charity
December 2008

New York Marathon official donates shoes to Kibera schools Article (PDF Format)

The Daily Nation
December 2008

Ronaldo’s gift for Kibera Article (PDF Format)

The Daily Nation
December 2008

Galaxy of stars light up Kibera Article (PDF Format)

The Daily Nation
December 2008

Hospitality translates into hospital Article (PDF Format)

The Daily Nation
December 2008

Ronaldo’s gift to Kibera Article (PDF Format)

December 2008

Shoe4Africa 4km, and star-studded charity football match takes place in Nairobi’s slums Article (PDF Format)

November 2008

Shoe4Africa Promoting Sport, Raising Awareness of HIV in Africa Article

USA Today
November 2008

Anthony Edwards will be reviving his ‘ER’ role Article (PDF Format)

Baltimore Sun
November 2008

Anthony Edwards’ return to ‘ER’ benefits hospital Article (PDF Format)

Runner’s World
November 2008

Heroes of Running 2008 – THE HUMANITARIAN: TOBY TANSER Article (PDF Format)

The Arusha Times
September 2008

Winning Spirit supports Bayi’s school Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation
August 2008

Sports stars to build a hospital in Eldoret Article (PDF Format)

Runners world Magazine
June 2008

Moving Stories, David Willey Article (PDF Format)

There has been blood, Peter Gambaccini Article (PDF Format)

Help the needy Article (PDF Format)

The Awareness Blog
June 2008

Interview: Toby Tanser, Founder of Shoe4Africa
Shoe4Africa was founded in 1995 by Toby Tanser, an elite Icelandic runner now living in New York City. The organization began …more

New York Times, June 2008, Running for Charity (link)

June 2008

Running for Kenyan Peace
Former world champion marathoners Douglas Wakiihuri and Luke Kibet held the finish line tape at the inaugural Run for Peace 5k in Iten, Kenya, on March 15th, while dozen of other Kenyan legends played a role in the free race for school-aged children …more

IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
Monday 17 March 2008

Exceptional gathering at Shoe4Africa Peace Run
Never at a Kenyan race has there been such a galaxy of International stars from past, present & future.
It was a day of joyous celebration on Saturday in Iten, Kenya at the Shoe4Africa Peace run. Over 560 school girls came out to run a 4km peace run powered by Leppin…more

Daily Nation
Sunday 16 March 2008

14-year-old wins Iten peace race
Fourteen-year-old Paskalin Kosgei of Chebonet Primary School on Saturday won the Shoe4Africa race in Iten. Article (PDF Format)

Daily Nation
Friday 14 March 2008

Elite runners united for peace
Kenya’s elite runners, past and present, will be in Iten on Saturday not to run, but to support a unique peace race.
Marathon champions including world champion Luke Kibet, Joyce Chepchumba, Martin Lel and Robert Cheruiyot will mix with legends such as Daniel Komen, Nyantika Maiyoro and Douglas Wakiihuri at the Shoe4Africa Peace race, a unique five-kilometre competition for junior athletes organised by US-based Shoe4Africa, a not-for-profit organization that promotes empowerment, health, and Aids awareness in Africa….more

Runner’s World
March 2008

Hey there, Track star Article (PDF Format)

Athletic’s Weekly
March 2008

Shoes and kit for Africa Article (PDF Format)

Montel Williams Show
December 2007

Shoe4Africa is featured on the Montel Williams Show. The audience each donates a pair of running shoes, and New Balance double matched the audience with a 350-pair donation for the Kibera project. (Featured twice daily on Fox TV & Channel 9).

Running Times 2007 Article (PDF Format)

People Magazine
Friday 2 November 2007

Anthony Edwards has a goal and he’s running with it – Nov. 5 the actor will help collect thousands of shoes new New York’s Central Park on behalf od Shoe4Africa, an organization that will provide footwear to residents of Kenya’s Kibera slum. Celeb donors so far include Natalie Portman, Elijah Wood and Emily Deschanel. “Our goal is to get 1 million shoes there”, he says. For more information go to People Magazine.

IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
Saturday 16 December 2006

Atodonyang beats established names at the Shoe4Africa 5k in Iten
Iten, Kenya – Twenty-seven-year-old mother of three, Pauline Atodonyang, beat many top athletes to win the Shoe4Africa 5km road race in the north Rift Valley Province town of Iten, today.
Atodonyang, a native of Kapsangar, which is gaining notoriety for discovering athletes in their post-prime ages, has been training for just two years in the same camp as Chelapong Chemokil, a mother of four who caught the nation’s imagination when she won the 2005 Standard Chartered Nairobi International Marathon.
“I will invest this money in my training, buying facilities and food for my children,” said Atodonyang who finished in 17:03 to win…more

IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations)
Friday 8 December 2006

Stars step-up to promote Aids Awareness
In the village of Iten, Kenya, the Shoe4Africa Leppin 5km women’s race to promote Aids Awareness will be held, in conjunction with a 2km health walk on the 16 December.
The star, Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) of the American TV drama E.R. will be starting the event that has to date signed up 2100 entrants. The idea is to inspire the TV couch potatoes to attend the event, to see their idol. “It is not every day a megastar turns up in a Kenyan village and Anthony (who played Nick Goose in Top Gun) is extremely well known in Kenya,” explained Shoe4Africa’s founder Toby Tanser…more

The Daily Nation
September 2006

Shoe4Africa race for Nyamira next weekend Article (PDF Format)

The Arusha Times
June 2006

Arusha’s Farida Mahalu clocks first in Kondoa race Article (PDF Format)

The Tanzanian Daily
July 2001

John Rogati wins 10km race in one day meet Article (PDF Format)

The Tanzanian Daily
July 2001

Rogathe: Like Father, like Son Article (PDF Format)

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