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African programmed charities. We are very transparent, and try to improve. For example, it is hard for us to get “rated” as some charity raters look at the running costs, staffing overall etc and herein lies a problem. We have one staff member, our office is a LAPTOP therefore, folks can’t rate us against other charities and many times I have been told you are ‘unrateble’ like the big guys. I tend to ask, how much of your donation is going to the projects, what is the TOTAL amount of monies paid to staff, what is the total amount paid to upkeep USA operations…. then ask yourself. Does my donation count?


For years, I donated to one famous charity until I realized my donations were not even paying for the new iphones the office staff awarded themselves with each year! Each year. A new iphone is $1200 – our ‘company’ phone (bought a few years back) was $129. I would donate to a charity that was paying $10,000 a month rent telling its donors they had ‘cheap’ rent, and I asked the CEO, “Why don’t you move to Harlem, the Bronx, or Queens?” And I was told Donors like a Manhattan Address. We have a Manhattan address; it is called a PO box! It doesn’t need to be a fancy office. Any way, we are rated on Guidestar; so please always check us out, ask questions, email in, if you have any Q’s – and remember to rate your choices on Impact and how much is spent on staffing, offices, company expenses here in the USA before even leaving for Africa!

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