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The moment you didn’t know you were waiting for is finally here!!! Next Saturday, June 1, Matt Kreps, aka the guy who convinced DW to DLS, and Brandon Knight, the hash brown guy, will be running… err spinning a fundraiser of mammoth proportions for our New York City Marathon charity, Shoe 4 Africa, at the soon to be defunct Dinoland USA at Animal Kingdom.

Anyone can sit in the air conditioning of the Tiki Room, but it takes a special kind of crazy to ride a spinning dinosaur in the Florida heat over and over again.

EVEN BETTER – We have a way to match your donation DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR! Donate $50 – the charity ends up with $100!

How can you get in on the mania? There are a few options, and don’t worry everything will be documented on Facebook and Instagram with posts and live videos…

1. Every $50 contributed will pay for 1 ride on triceratops for both of us. Donate the whole $50 you get a shoutout on social media. The goal here is to ride these dinos from park open to close. Feel free to donate in multiples for extra suffering. For example, donate $150 and we will have to ride it 3 times.

2. This is the fun part…. For an extra $50 you can give us something ridiculous to do while we are on that ride, or in between rides if it’s something we aren’t allowed to do while riding. Want us to eat a churro while we spin? Done. Want us to sing something ridiculous at the top of our lungs? Also done. Be creative. It’s going to be a long day if we are just riding over and over again with no extra things to do.

3. Now the most fun part for you, not so much for us…. Give us something absolutely ridiculous and insane to do (that won’t get us banned or arrested) and negotiate with us. (Insert large dollar amount here) to ride x number of rides in a Dino onesie? Maybe….

How can you donate? We are keeping this super simple. Both Matt and myself are running New York for Shoe 4 Africa (see description below). You will simply make your donation to Matt’s link here https://shoe4africa.org/cause/nyc-shenanigans/ and then we will take care of getting it split up to my link later on the back end. When you make the donation, please do not do so anonymously as we need to keep track of the ridiculousness. Please also COMMENT on this post with your donation as well as what craziness you want us to get up to if you donated extra.

Shoes 4 Africa is a non-profit organization that works in East Africa to improve the lives of children and women through initiatives in healthcare, education, sports, and empowerment. Currently their biggest project is a hospital for children in East Africa.

Let the crazy Commence!

Brandon and Matt

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