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November 3rd TCS New York City Marathon, here we come!

Thank you for considering being part of my race “cheersquad” (you know I love you!) by donating to a cause close to my heart. After spending much of 2021 – in the height of the pandemic – living and working in Uganda, development initiatives in the region have become a passion of mine.

It is with great honor and pride to share that I am running with Shoe4Africa this year! Shoe4Africa is dedicated to improving the lives of children in Africa through healthcare, education, and sport.

Every month of training I’ll be raising funds for their new groundbreaking initiative – the construction of sub-Saharan Africa’s first children’s cancer hospital. 100% of your donation, regardless of the amount, will go directly to this cause.

One step, one dollar, one mile at a time we will make an impact on the lives of children facing cancer in Africa. I am so grateful to have you along this journey with me!

Hope to see you (whether live or virtually) on race day!

Fun Fact: This photo of me was taken outside our house in Uganda after I was gifted this stunning, traditional Nigerian dress from a new friend!

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