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On Nov 3rd, 2024, I am participating in my first ever marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon! If you know me, you will know I am so nervous to run this as I have never considered myself a real runner with any regimented training. After my first half-marathon in 2022, I realized I wanted to see if I could push myself further by doing the full marathon. In searching for the right charity to partner up with, I found Shoe4Africa, an incredible organization that I could not be more excited to help raise funds for.

Shoe4Africa started out with the initiative to provide sneakers to Kenyans in need but has since expanded its mission to include children’s healthcare in underdeveloped areas in Africa, achieving a significant milestone in 2015 by building East & Central Africa’s first Public Children’s Hospital, which has provided crucial care to over 1,000,000 children. Now, they are working on a new groundbreaking initiative – the construction of sub-Saharan Africa’s first children’s cancer hospital.

It’s disheartening to acknowledge that, currently, 9 out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer in this vast region do not survive. The need for urgent intervention is evident, and that’s why I am running for Shoe4Africa, to help this awe-inspiring organization make an actual difference in the lives of families battling the unthinkable.

It would mean the world to me to get your support, no matter how small the donation, every penny counts. 100% of your donation, regardless of the amount, will go directly to the construction of the cancer hospital, so you know exactly what your money is being used for. Together, we can make a substantial impact on the lives of children facing cancer in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate any support you can provide, even if it is just showing up at the race to cheer me on. Catch me (hopefully) at the finish line on Nov 3rd!!

With immense appreciation for your support,

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