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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Dear Family and Friends,

I am reaching out to share a cause that is incredibly close to my heart https://shoe4africa.org/ .

I am participating in 3 Marathons :
– The Sydney Marathon (15th of September 2024)
– The Chicago Marathon (13th of October 2024)
– The New York City Marathon (3rd of November 2024)
to raise funds for a groundbreaking initiative – the construction of sub-Saharan Africa’s first children’s cancer hospital (in Eldoret, Kenya). Construction is in progress at 10% right now!
t’s disheartening to acknowledge that, currently, 9 out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer in this vast region do not survive. The need for urgent intervention is evident, and that’s why I am running for Shoe4Africa, an organization committed to making a difference. Together, we can make a substantial impact on the lives of children facing cancer in sub-Saharan Africa.

Shoe4Africa has already achieved a significant milestone by building East & Central Africa’s first Public Children’s Hospital, which has provided crucial care to over 1,000,000 children.

100% of your donation, regardless of the amount, will go directly to this noble cause.
Thank you so much and I will sincerely appreciate any support you can provide.


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