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If you are reading this, I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time. As some of you may know I picked up running in September of 2017 when I unexpectedly signed up and ran the 3 Beaches Minimum Half in the South Shore. Upon crossing the finish line there was a  personal satisfaction that words cant explain, I  believe only my fellow runners would understand. That excitement made me sign up and compete in the Cambridge Half Marathon  less than two months later.

Just prior to competing in the Cambridge Half Marathon in November 2017, my running partner and Auntie Jill came up with the crazy idea to sign up for the 2018 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon. Never in a million years did I think we would get accepted into it, but we did. So for all of 2018 we trained for Chicago,  which in turn was one of the best accomplishments either of us have done.

That’s when as running buddies we decided to set a new goal, which is to become Six-Star Runners! For all that don’t know what that means, its when you successfully compete and finish all six of the worlds major marathons which are Boston ✔️, New York, Chicago✔️, Berlin, Tokyo, and London.

I find that there is no better way to continue on the path to my goal than to conquer the 2019 NYC Marathon on November 3rd. With great honor I will be running on behalf of Shoe4africa as we strive to fund the first Children’s Cancer Hospital in South Saharan Africa. Thank you Toby for this amazing opportunity as I set to finish the 3 World Majors state side.

If you are able to help along this journey anyway possible it would be greatly appreciated. Not only would I be thankful of your generosity but the young children fighting for their lives will now have some support thanks to you.