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Toby Tanser
Church Street Station
PO Box 3142
New York NY 10008
c: +1.646.932.1416

Thank you for the really kind donation made to our foundation.

Your support for our charity is really appreciated and this money is going directly to help support the (only) public children’s hospital of East Africa that helps the most needy citizens who have been born into poverty.

You have again moved us another step forward on this critical journey to provide a better life for the kids and I want to say thank you for standing up and making the difference for us. We have managed to achieve a lot in the past year but it only possible with the kindness of good people like yourselves who reach out and help.

You are a truly change makers and on behalf of Team Shoe4Africa (and the little patients) we are honored that you are supporting us.

With many thanks,


Toby Tanser

As required by IRS regulations, we provide the following information: SHOE4AFRICA inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for- profit organization. Our federal tax ID or EIN is 02-0766269. As no goods and services have been provided in connection with your gift the full amount is deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.


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