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Big shout out to Jane Davies, running for Shoe4Africa! Read more, “I’ve signed up to run the NYC Marathon on 4 Nov 2018 and I’d love it if you could support me in my crazy dream to do this. More importantly, help support my chosen charity, Shoe4Africa and raise $4,000 AUD ($3,000 US) for this amazing cause.

“By an accident of birth we were born in a first world country, and as such we live very privileged lives. By supporting Shoe4Africa you’re helping provide the basic human rights of health care and education to children who aren’t so lucky.
“Your sponsorship of my run pays for thousands of sick children to be treated in the Shoe4Africa public hospital, supports and pays for training of medics, finances the building of public schools providing free education to 1500+ children and puts thousands of women through health awareness programs.
“Just to be clear, your sponsorship DOESN’T pay for:
My flight – I’m paying that
My accommodation – I’m paying for that too
My race entry fee – yep, that’s me
The hard work, early mornings, physio appointments, trainers, energy gels, protein powders, Vaseline and months of training – that’s me
The large cocktail after I’ve done it – me!
“I spent some time travelling across Africa in my 20’s and experienced this amazingly vibrant and diverse continent first hand, so I’m very (VERY!) excited to be running in New York in November for this amazing charity. Your generous support helps many, many people. Thank you. Pic. of Jane in Africa… and here is her link https://shoe4africa.org/cause/jane-davies/