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As usual we held a Christmas Party at the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital on the 24th of December.  Cakes, gifts, food, drinks…. we held a party for the kids.  Thanks to KenKnit who brought 200 cartons of Milk, thanks to Daresh who brought 300 cartons of Vimto and biscuit packs for all kids (and a Wii game), we had six Christmas cakes, thanks to Louis who brought 17,000 books(!), thanks for Bernd for a large sack of gifts, to our French Pentathlon World champs friends who brought toys, and our Kenyan champs who came to greet the Kids – Charles & Mary Keitany (world record holder marathon), Janeth Jepkosgei – Gold medal World 800m, Paul Chelimo, Olympic Silver 5000, Haron Lagat, Worldclass steeplechaser, Shadrack, and more!