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Dear Incredible Charity team, and for our Shoe4Africa supporters,

So nice to meet members at the pasta party tonight, and at the expo – I hope to see you all 27 of you tomorrow!

As the sun rises over the New York City skyline tomorrow, you will embark on a remarkable journey, one that goes far beyond the 13.1 miles you’ll run and the finish line at Central Park where you’ll receive your ribbon and medal.

You are not just ‘half marathoners’ like the runners you will meet; you are the embodiment of hope, compassion, and dedication for a country called Kenya who is seeking your help.

Your footsteps will echo from Brooklyn/Manhattan across the globe, reaching places where the impact of your efforts of the last few months transcends boundaries and will touch the hearts of people thousands of miles away.

You have worked tirelessly this year, helping raise funds to build a landmark; the first children’s cancer hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. That is a population of around 1.2 billion people. 

A fact: 72-years ago, in America, a children’s cancer hospital building was erected, and since that date, countless others have sprung up.  (Yet none for sub-Saharan Africa).

Your commitment to our cause is nothing short of awe-inspiring and has humbled me. You’ve dedicated your time, energy, and passion to bring light into the lives of children who are battling a dark and daunting adversary.  Kids you will likely never meet. Kids who are also like me are humbled by your valiant actions.  By standing up and being counted, you have shown these little kids that there is a world beyond their hospital walls where people care deeply and act selflessly to make a difference.

Thank you for being heroes, thank you for caring.  I will be in the park after mile 12 looking for you tomorrow – I wish you the best run tomorrow!

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