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Maximize your IMPACT, minimize your tax liability.

Did you know that long-term appreciated securities can produce advantageous tax benefits? Donating your appreciated stocks to Shoe4Africa before the end of the year, will do more to generate a larger tax deduction than selling them yourself and donating the net proceeds*. This is an especially attractive opportunity as you may receive a federal income-tax deduction for the full fair-market value of your securities, while avoiding long-term capital-gain tax.
Appreciated securities can be made as an outright gift of stocks, bonds, and/or mutual fund shares. Your donation earns tangible dividends to help use Save African Kids Lives. Maximize your philanthropic impact and minimize your potential tax liability by donating your appreciated securities to Shoe4Africa today.


Account Name: SHOE4AFRICA inc
Nonprofit EIN#: 02-0766269

Financial institution: T. Rowe Price
Investor Number 958574100
Account Number: 5001492713-2
Mailing address: Shoe4Africa PO Box 3142 Church Street Station NY, NY 10028
Tax ID: 02-0766269
DTC #: 0443

We appreciate your gift of appreciated stock and thank you for your support. Please call 646-932-1416 or email team@shoe4africa.org with any questions.

We are also registered on donatestock.com

*Appreciated securities held for more than one year and contributed to a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization are currently not subject to the capital gains tax. Additionally, you may deduct the current appreciated fair-market value of the securities. Rules and limitations apply. Please consult your financial adviser before making any changes to your portfolio.

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