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The opening of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital for Children in Eldoret, Kenya's Rift Valley. The project is donor funded and overseen in its entirity by Shoe4Africa, a foundation whose "challenge is to listen and work with communities to better lives focusing on Health & Education" and the foundation's CEO Toby Tanser.
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Dear Friends, in 49-days (about) I will be running the TCS NYC marathon (again).  This marathon was my first fund raising event, back in 2000 running to support the vital need for medical support; less than ten months after my first brain surgery after being attacked in Zanzibar.

I keep on telling my friends I will never ask again, and I have tried to give you a break, but I really need to raise some more money for our hospital.  The hospital is truly thriving – we treated over 116,000+ kids in the last year – providing direct access to the world’s poorest kids.

I am breaking my promise and asking again because I can’t but help reflect that but for fortune it could be me that was born into dire poverty where 80% of kids don’t even get to see a health care provider in their lives, where 2/3rd of all childhood deaths are treatable or preventable.  I also remember running in Zanzibar to a medical center for help; and it did not have anything I expected, like antibiotics, anesthetics or pain killers.  My life was saved 11-days later when I managed to fly out to get healthcare.

A good Samaritan is offering to double every donation for the next month.  So whatever I make from here till 10/15/17 will be doubled.  Thus every donation is boosted.  Please, no amount is too small.