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Dear Friends,

I’m really excited about my next race. I have run hundreds, but this one is more special, more meaningful, and impactful. I am participating in the race against pediatric cancers. In 2010, I ran from the shores of Mombasa to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money to build East & Central Africa’s 1st Public Children’s Hospital; we opened that hospital five years later and in seven years have served over 750,000 kids. Now, the second race begins!

Worse than COVID 19, AIDS, EBOLA, and MALARIA rolled into one disease is Pediatric Cancers in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, 9/10 kids diagnosed with cancers are dying in this region. That number is the exact opposite in America, 9/10 kids are surviving. WHY? Imagine, if you can, for a region of one billion people, there is not a single private or Public Children’s Cancer Hospital. With most of the kids suffering from cancers living in low-income countries, and the majority in sub-Saharan Africa, it makes no sense that there is not a single kids cancer institution, private or public, in this vast region of over one billion  people.

Will you support me to construct the very first one?

100% of your donation will go to make this life-saving hospital (and yes, as always, I am building a public institution) a reality! To launch the project, to start the battle to give these African kids an equal chance, I am running The Great Equator Relay from the Equator to the actual site where, on December 24th, we will break ground on a 152-bed Children’s Public Cancer Hospital.

Joining me are numerous Kenyan running legends (medalist from the 2021 Olympics, back to Kenyan original pioneers from the 1954 commonwealth games) and I’m truly humbled to be joined by one athlete I’ve admired since the 1990s; the superstar Paula Radcliffe and her family. 

Upon arriving at the site—after the 50-mile relay—Isla (Paula’s daughter), who contracted cancer in 2019, will hold hands alongside an agemate Kenyan cancer patient and break the ground together. 

    “I am honoured to work with and help in some small way Shoe4Africa in the amazing and vitally important work that they do.” States event ambassador Paula Radcliffe.

Please, join me by contributing any amount. 100% of your donation will go directly to accomplishing this task. You can trust me; in 2015, starting with a $400 donation, after years of fundraising we opened East & Central Africa’s 1st Public Children’s hospital that has since treated over 750,000 kids. We have the experience to get this job done.

Please, Help us Save Kids Lives. Support The Greater Equator Relay!

Thank you! All US donations are tax-deductible!

“It broke my heart to hear the shocking statistics for paediatric cancers in Africa and that there was not a single specialist children’s cancer hospital. We were beyond fortunate to live in a part of the world where the medical care was excellent, and we still found it tough. We want to do all that we can to help any family going through this and to raise awareness and increase funds/facilities to give all children the opportunity and medical care that they deserve.” Paula Radcliffe, former world marathon record holder, and British running legend.

PS: Another way of supporting the cause is by buying copies of RUNNING WITH DESTINY, exclusively on amazon.com. 100% of author royalties will go to this project. It is the story of how the first hospital came about. “This is God’s work.” Steven Spielberg.