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Welcome back to my fundraising page! This will be my 12th year fundraising for Shoe4Africa and my 14th NYC Marathon! I don’t know where the time goes! But, this race and this charity mean so much to me and I’m so excited for another year.

My last NYC Marathon was my best one, after several months of battling injury. I’m really proud of that race and as I start to prepare for another marathon, I know I’m a lot stronger than before and I can’t wait to challenge myself again. Shoe4Africa has done a lot of great work this past year, and I’m still very passionate about doing what I can to help move things forward. One of the best things about running for the same charity all these years is to see the progress that they’ve made and the lives they have changed. I’m so moved by the stories of patients that find the hospital and they help and care they receive.

Please take the time to learn more about this important work and donate what you can. I appreciate everyone’s support!

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