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Since there will be no NYC Marathon this year, I’m going to be running a solo 26.2 miler as part of the virtual event. Honestly, when races started going virtual in the spring, running a marathon by myself was something I had zero interest in doing–even when I knew that my race would likely get cancelled. But, when the official announcement was made, I felt compelled to do it for a few reasons. Number one: I still wanted to have a reason to fundraise for Shoe4Africa; Number two: If the NYCM is doing something, I just don’t want to miss out; & Number three: the only thing worse than training to run a marathon alone (instead of participating in the best marathon in the world) would be to not run one at all. It just feels right to be doing big miles in the fall, and preparing my mind and body for a challenge. So, in lieu of the NYC Marathon, I will be running 26.2 miles by myself, through Buffalo, and raising money for Shoe4Africa. I know that 2020 has brought to light so many causes that need our attention and money, and we’ve all been contributing as much as we can. But, the needs of sick children in Kenya are still there, and your donations will make a huge difference 

My plan is to run my marathon on a point to point course, from Buffalo’s Outer Harbor, through downtown, Elmwood, Parkside, North Buffalo, a bit of Kenmore, Eggertsville, and end on my old high school track in Amherst. Instead of Sunday, November 1st (when the marathon was supposed to be), I’m going to do it the day before, which just so happens to be my 35th birthday and Halloween. I’ve planned a route that goes by about a dozen homes of friends, and I’m pressuring them all to come out and support/hydrate me. I’ll also have a small crew waiting for me at the track. If you’d like to come out, I’ll share my route before the 31st and you can try to track me. (Oh and costumes are encouraged for all spectators, it is Halloween!). 

When I first got involved with Shoe4Africa in 2010, they were mainly raising funds to build the first public children’s hospital in East Africa. Five years later, that hospital was built. Now, they see 400 patients a day. The charity has also built and services several public schools in Kenya (a new one just opened last month!) and working to build a children’s cancer center, and constant improvements and developments to ongoing projects. The stories of the children that are treated there simultaneously break my heart and lift my spirit. The obstacles that these families face are unimaginable, and when they find their way to the Shoe4Africa hospital, they cannot believe that a place like that exists. No one should have to live with what many of these families have to live with, and it’s in our power to help them. 100% of your donations will go directly to the charity

Lastly, due to the pandemic, I will not be able to safely host a Pub Run this year. Another crappy reality of 2020. But, I encourage you to go for a run from home, have yourself a drink, and make a donation. Cheers and thank you!