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Hi Friends and Family!

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! On November 6, 2022 I will be running the TCS New York Marathon with Shoe4Africa to raise money for the first public children’s cancer hospital in sub-Saharan Africa.

As many of you know, Africa holds a special place in my heart. I first visited Kenya in 2013 where I had the opportunity to volunteer with orphanages in Ngong and Eldoret. I continue to volunteer with these orphanages and over the years have worked on projects around education, mentorship, health, and sustainability during my trips back.

Shortly after returning from my first visit to Kenya, I was introduced to Toby Tanser who founded Shoe4Africa and learned more about his mission to build the first children’s cancer hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. I assisted with fundraising efforts for the organization during my freshman year of college and came to learn that the New York Marathon was a massive part of that effort. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a part of this marathon team one day and I’m so excited that this is finally the year!

I’m looking forward to running for this amazing organization to help African kids born into poverty who have contracted cancer to beat the odds. 9/10 kids are dying in sub-Saharan Africa when diagnosed with cancers and a major reason why is because there is not a single children’s cancer hospital in the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa ( a population of over one billion).  In America, 1/10 kids die and 90% of those kids are healed in kids cancer centers. With your help, we can bring the first children’s cancer hospital, a 152-bed public facility, to this region.

I would greatly appreciate your support in reaching my fundraising goal of $3,000. All donations are tax deductible and employer matches are also welcome (looking at my Salesforce friends)! If you’ll be in New York on November 6, please come out and support me alongside my awesome cheering squad!

Thank you for all your help and please feel free to share my page with any family and friends who may want to donate too – Let’s do it!

Lots of love, Ali