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Alberto passionately invites you to join him in a heartfelt journey of hope and healing. On November 3rd, 2024, he will run through the streets of New York City, not just for the challenge, but for a cause that touches the deepest parts of his heart: building sub-Saharan Africa’s first dedicated children’s cancer hospital. This endeavor, powered by Shoe4Africa, is more than a project; it’s a beacon of hope for countless families facing the harrowing reality that 9 out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer in this region do not survive. Alberto is deeply moved by the urgent need for this hospital, drawing inspiration from Shoe4Africa’s remarkable success in providing essential care to over a million children at East & Central Africa’s first Public Children’s Hospital. Now, he seeks your support to extend this legacy of compassion and care. Every donation, no matter the size, fuels this mission of love, promising a future where children facing cancer have a fighting chance. Alberto sincerely thanks you for considering this cause and cherishes any support you can give, as it brings us closer to a world where no child has to face cancer alone. With every step he takes, Alberto carries the hopes and dreams of these children, and together, we can light up their path to healing.

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