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The world has been turned upside down. Boston was a virtual marathon this year for  the first time ever.  Although we did not have any official runners in the charity program, we were glad that one of our runners, JP, kindly stood up to run for Ahmaud Arbery’s memory…

JP’s post: “I got a bit emotional after my #boston2020 today and seeing this. Running brings us together no matter what our race, creed or ethnicity is. I couldn’t have tackled a marathon without any preparation if it wouldn’t be for the support that I got along the way from so many running buddies. Shout out to Las Cruces Running Brother-and Sisterhood” @lionelandmelina @numex_turf @naschi71 @alegra.de.luxe @d.dahli.a #irunwithmaud #shoe4africa #bostonmarathon #boston2020

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