The women’s empowerment project at the farm involves a vibrant group of power-women. Here using dance to learn to work and have fun  together whilst making the ‘chicken projects’ come to life where they invest in a micro-finance style project. A number of our ladies have become land owners in their own right through this program.

Our Dairy college is the center for this program:  This safe space has been created for our women’s group to convene and learn critical life skills such as best agriculture practice, financial literacy with planning for effective and efficient strategic plans for their future, critical thinking and good health practices, build self-esteem, self-awareness, and develop leadership skills that will enable them to be confident, influential decision-makers among their peers, households, and communities. Dairy specific classes start with feeding, looking at zero-grazing benefits, fertility matching verses costs, cow ‘weights’ and vet measures.  Dairy hygiene and relation to milk production.

Our group is led by trained mentors, facilitators and local business folk who serve as positive role models. They play a critical role in our efforts to provide tailored support for ladies, most of whom are victims of domestic violence. We believe that the women in our program deserve to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and we have key elements to help them along life’s journey enabling them to starting their own sustainable businesses, and becoming positive, influential leaders within their communities.

Learning course topics:

  • School drop-outs and girls’ further education – what is locally available
  • Child Abuse – what should be done and when
  • Early marriage and pregnancy – pitfalls and plans
  • Women’s unemployment – what jobs are best for your area
  • Land issues – how to own your land, what are your rights with land.
  • Healthcare – what is available
  • NHIF – what is this and why you should sign up
  • Preventative steps for better healthcare
  • Women’s rights and where is your women’s group
  • Leadership plans – united we stand.
  • Divorce, legal issues, mentoring and helpline.

Our empowerment doesn’t just stop with the ladies: Whether it is getting women to partake in health runs, building schools, employing construction teams, finding teachers new jobs,  Whether it is the massive team that built the hospital (all locals), or the fact hundreds of jobs have been created by this institution, whether it is our women’s dairy farm project beginning with $3 startup plans, or us giving scholarships to bright young economically challenged kids, we are always working on empowerment.  We know what Africa needs is opportunities and business and we are creating them.  Every one who is employed on our projects is a local!