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Make a gift that changes a life. Just email/call in if you are interested and let’s make it happen.

“if you change the life of one needy child you have done something great.” You are also proving that this is a global caring world. I was highly motivated when a friend of mine once gave me a donation to help an unknown African runner, on the condition that he would remain anonymous. The story was I was having a whip-round at a local athletes’ running club. My silent ‘donor’ was not at first accepted at the club, in fact the “president” tried to block him from joining. This action had made me decide to leave the club, but my surprise was that my silent donor didn’t want to ‘promote’ his gift inside the group to gain respect(?) from inside this group. Well I am not really explaining things so well, but, long story short… if you can help a nameless child by giving health – thank you!

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