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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Hi Friends and Family!

After nearly a year living and working in New York, I’ve conquered the subway and where to find the very best bagels.

But in November I am taking the brave (and some might say crazy) next step – and have signed up to run the 2022 New York City Marathon alongside my son, Nicholas in November.

The race is not about how fast (or slow) we will make it across the line. Rather, we are running in support of a phenomenal cause, shoe4Africa. They are a dedicated charity aiming to provide health, education and employment support across sub-Saharan Africa. They work tirelessly to help those in need across the region take Big Steps Forward. Through our team in the 2022 Marathon they are aiming to raise much-needed funds to support the development of the first children’s cancer hospital in the region. This 152-bed public facility will be dedicated to supporting and caring for kids with cancer across sub-Saharan Africa, where currently nine out of ten kids diagnosed with cancer die. This compares to the US, for example, which has a fatality rate for childhood cancers of below 10%.

While I am asking for your best wishes to help Nicholas and I across the finishing line, more than anything I am asking for your support for shoe4Africa. All donations are tax deductible under US law and will make a real and lasting difference to kids, their families and communities in Africa.

Thank you for caring to make the difference – Let’s do it!

With thanks!