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My name is Valter Ballantini, I am 57 years old and I am a marathon
runner. It makes a little impression to write like this, but to date I
have run 30 marathons since 2009, the year I started.
I live in Pisa, the city of the leaning tower that I’m sure you know.
I ran my best marathon in Lucca, a small town in the Italian region
called Tuscany, on 27/10/2013, when I finished in 3h32’21”.
The year before, 2012, I had run in London and in November I had come to
New York, but Hurricane Sandy had stopped me.
I’m collecting donations via my own italian blog
https://ny2020.valterballantini.it where I share with my readers
information about my efforts, my training, books I read, some news
about running and the marathon and events I’m organizing to raise the
money I hope to collect.
I firmly believe that one of the tasks that people living in the western
world have is to help, as far as possible, those who live in
disadvantaged areas. So what is more meritorious than helping to build a
hospital like the one designed by shoe4africa? I will do my best and I
am sure who knows me and respects me he will be able to help me to reach the goal.