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2018 NYC Marathon 4 Shoe4Africa

This years goal! 3:30 – That’s an 8 minute mile pace. 0_o
Race number: 9874
Wave 1 – Start Time 9:50am
Download the official TCS Marathon App and track my run at –

This is my 2nd NYC Marathon with Shoe4Africa – I’m inspired to run for this charity because of their work in Africa. For all the info on what they do check out – seriously Toby Tanser and his team are doing epic work. Please check them out and consider setting up a recurring donation.

Now onto the fundraising, let’s make this interesting! Of course while donations of any amount are appreciated, I’ve created Tiers/gifts for sponsors from $26 and up.

1st Tier Sponsor – $100 – I’ll Facetime you during the marathon at the mile marker of your choosing! (please make sure you let me know and get me your phone number) and make you a custom Shoe4Africa silk screen tshirt, plus the S4A Mug.
2nd Tier Sponsor – $50 – custom Shoe4Africa silk screen tshirt + S4A coffee mug
3rd Tier Sponsor – $26 – S4A Coffee Mug with my mug on it.

Let’s do this! See y’all at the finish line!