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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I’m very honored and excited to be part of Team Endurathon who has one goal to achieve, raise funds to build the very first children’s oncology hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa!

Ground breaking will begin in early 2020 and we’re striving to increase the bed capacity from 100 to 150, as it’s a very real need! It is projected that this hospital will save over 350 lives in the first year of operation!! This special hospital will be named in honor of my friend Doug Perry, who lost his first wife, Juli, in 2010, to breast cancer; The hospital will bear the name Juli Anne Perry Children’s Cancer Hospital. 

Please join me in an effort to reach my goal of $3000. In doing so, our efforts will give hope and life to children and their families through a very honest and established charity called Shoe4Africa. So far, we have raised about 1.3 million for the hospital. We’re about halfway to reaching our goal of 2.5 million for 150 beds!