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Nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic changed global perspective on health and well-being, I, along with many others, look to return to and share positive life experiences. On November 7th, I will be running as part of the 50th year anniversary of the NYC Marathon. My first marathon was over a decade ago, in 2009, at the NYC Marathon’s 40th year anniversary race. This will be my 6th overall time running for a very special and collaborative organization, Shoe4Africa. Together, we are a group of runners consisting of various diversities, backgrounds, and abilities, who run to support better health and opportune education outcomes for children in Africa. Shoe4Africa’s hospital is East Africa’s only public kids hospital, treating over 400 kids each day. Our nonprofit organization has resulted in many impactful events and opportunities since it’s formation, and after the effects of a global pandemic, the group continues to create and promote positive worldwide wellbeing. With thanks to Toby and the entire Shoe4Africa team, many more opportunities await those in need, as does a bright future. Every single step, is a stride in progress.