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I am going to do one more marathon, one more time, and it will be the 50th anniversary of the NYC marathon.  I am running to help the children of East Africa with cancer.

9/10 kids diagnosed with cancers are dying.  In America that number is reversed to 1/10 because of the modern healthcare.  I am running to help build the first cancer hospital for children in sub-Saharan Africa.  Every penny of your donation will go towards this project.

–Just a little bit about myself —

I grew up playing tennis and swimming  and I loved playing sports. I started running 15 years ago for a joy  and I ended up completing an ironman event.

After several years of training and competing I have decided to stop and focus on living without competition.

My last race was in Mexico!.

I was trying to qualify for the world championship, but I missed by 2 slot. The point I realized was enough. It was very simple. I want to just play sports for joy and chill in my life.

I want to open my mind and prospective to others and be aware that we have enough things in life. No need to compete to anyone  ever,

This is going to be the last marathon for me. I am aware that I have an injuries in the past and present I have to take care of.

I am very happy to invite you for NYC marathon and be part of shoe4africa.

Thank you for your support and open my opportunities.


Tomoko Tsuzuki