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Our family visited Africa last year and fell in love with the country and the people. Early this year, our neighbor Giuliano told us about Shoe4Africa and we immediately felt a calling to support the construction of a 50-bed Kids Burns unit and a 100-bed Kids Cancer Hospital in Kenya.

We look forward to taking the whole family, including abuelita, to NYC for marathon weekend.

A story from the Hospital

Brian Kiprono

Brian is our soccer captain! He came to the Shoe4Africa Public Children’s Hospital on April 5th, 2018. The ambulance arrived at 2:00 am after Brian had been resuscitated five times on the road as he was slipping from life. Brian is from a small village about 120-miles from the hospital. He is 10-years old and has six other brothers and sisters. They all live in small house with a tin roof and mud walls.

His mother tells us that Brian’s symptoms stated with nausea and loss of appetite. They never really had much to eat as a family; but even the little he was given was too much for him to finish. The local traditional doctor told them that it was malaria. So, for eight months they were treating Brian for ‘malaria’ with traditional medicine with of course no improvements.

At this point they had sold their only two cows to pay for his treatment. His father then took Brian to the local clinic after he’d developed severe tummy aches. The doctor there diagnosed nothing and prescribed only anti-acids.

Finally, a visitor to the village from Eldoret town told them about the Shoe4Africa children’s hospital.  They phoned and described his condition.  Immediately we sent an ambulance.  Brian was picked up in critical condition and brought to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been getting chemotherapy treatment. He’s been in the hospital a little over a year now; and is definitely the leader of the pack! Happy, positive and very smart.