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Hi!! My name is Taylor Coombs and I am totally stoked to run in this upcoming 2020 New York marathon. I have 2 younger brothers and an older sister. I usually play basketball and lacrosse so I’m not that big of a long distance runner. So why am I running a marathon? 

I was given the opportunity to not only run in this marathon but I was also given the opportunity to help raise funds and awareness for the brand new Juli Ann Perry Pediatric Childrens Oncology Hospital. This hospital is the first childrens cancer hospital in sub sahara africa it is giving hundreds of kids in Africa who have been diagnosed  with cancer a second chance at life. 90% of African children with cancer die. With this new hospital it’s our goal to lower those numbers and give those children their lives back. I am so excited to help support this worthy cause.

Help me in my journey, with Shoe4Africa, to build The Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Oncology Center–Sub-Saharan Africa’s FIRST pediatric cancer center. Help me change the world. Join me in bringing hope.