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Hello everyone,

I will be running the 2024 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on behalf of Shoe4Africa, and I am asking your help in donations.

I picked up long runs during Covid not being able to do Judo. Since then I ran the Brooklyn Half marathon, and I am super excited to join the NYC half, which will take me from Brooklyn to Manhatten – finishing in Central Park.

Truth be told, I am not sure I will ever run a full marathon. ~2 hours of running seems to be my physical and mental limit, so this might be the closest (half!) I get to the NYC marathon.

I am super grateful about Shoe4Africa providing me with this possibility to participate in this iconic race, while raising money for them.
Shoe4Africa raises money for Children’s hospital (check out their work on children cancer care), Education and Sports Development in sub-Saharan Africa.

For my friends in the US, you will receive a US Tax exemption when donating through this portal.

Any donation small or big will help, thank you very much in advance, Theresia

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