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I met Toby Tanser at registration for the 2010 NYC marathon. We began a dialogue about our efforts to improve children’s health, and our individual work continues. Toby leads the team that build Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital in Kenya, the only public hospital for children in East & Central Africa. His next effort is to add a Children’s Cancer Center to S4A.  We can help.

I have spent my career caring for kids (and running, some would say), so this year I am running the TCS NYC Marathon to raise money for this wonderful cause.  Since NYC this year will be my 32nd marathon, I’m setting a goal of $3200 to donate and asking you to consider a donation of $32 to help (larger amounts also welcome!).  Visit the Shoe4Africa.org website to learn about their work, and come cheer on November 3rd!


Jeff Zitsman