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I am looking forward to raising money to help children in Kenya. I take for granted so many things every day. A bed to sleep in, a car, an education, doctors, teachers, clothes…the list could go on forever. I chose this charity because it helps me think of other things other than the trivial day to day worries that are nothing in comparison to the toubles other face around the world every day. Yes, this fund will allow me to run in the New York City Marathon which is something I love and have wanted to do, but now I feel it’s bigger than just running for my own pleasure. I will be running to support others much less fortunate than myself. The money I raise will go towards education for children in Kenya. As well as help fund their hospitals and provide basic needs such as food, clean water and shelter. To an incredibly less fortunate nation that produces incredible runners out of hardship and the desire to succeed! Imagine waking up and not having clean water to drink or even the possibility you may not eat that day or for several days! Please think outside your own box and donate. Every dollar matters!