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Hi everyone!  Welcome to my page for Shoe 4 Africa. Come and run with me and my family as we raise money for the Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Oncology Center–Sub-Saharan Africa’s FIRST pediatric cancer center.  Juli was my amazing aunt who battled cancer for 11 years. She loved children and life. I can’t think of anything else that better represents her love for children and the adventure of life than being a part of creating something that will provide children with a greater chance of survival.  Helping them to be able to live their own adventures. 

The greatest part of this project is that this is an opportunity for others to be a part of something greater than themselves and to help save the life of a child.  Every dollar donated goes directly to the children’s hospital and cancer center. That is impressive. 

I will be running in the 2020 New York Marathon as part of the Shoes4Africa marathon team to help raise money and awareness about the lack of modern medical treatment for pediatric cancer patients.  Every member of this team is pledging all of their donations to help build this hospital. Imagine being part of something that can bring hope and healing to those where it doesn’t currently exist.

I don’t have children with cancer. But I have lost many dear friends to this disease. Its difficult to watch and its difficult to be a part of it. You can make a difference by joining me in my goal of raising money for this wonderful project. 

Thank you,

Stephanie Coombs


An American child with cancer has a 90% chance of living. An African child has a 90% chance of dying. Every year, 100,000 children in Sub Saharan Africa develops cancer, and  90,000 of those kids die.

Shoe4Africa offers the opportunity for those kids in Africa diagnosed with cancer,  to have a fighting chance.

Shoe4Africa Hospital currently serves 50-60 patients in their oncology ward, but the hospital has a big problem. Once you administer chemo treatment to a child, then a public children’s hospital is one of the last places that they should return to. Chemo wipes out a child’s immune system, rendering a young body helpless to fight infection. Yet, as of now, there are no other options available.

The new public children’s cancer hospital– a separate building designed specifically for kids with cancer only, and with total isolation– is urgently needed, and once built, it will save hundreds of lives every year.

My family has personally contributed over $500,000 to the project, but $1.5M still needs to be raised!

If this goal is achieved, The immediate impact will be at once saving 350 kids’ lives and more than tripling this number within three years.

Help me in my journey, with Shoe4Africa, to build The Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Oncology Center–Sub-Sahara Africa’s FIRST pediatric cancer center. Change the world. Be the Hope.