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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I run because I am inspired by it. That is the short answer. I started running as a stress reliever and as a challenge to myself to do something that I was not really comfortable doing. Months later, I realized how much I loved it and how much I wanted others to be inspired by it. It got me thinking about all the things I take for granted that others don’t have and became motivated to give back to communities. I joined a charity and ran my first half marathon in Brooklyn in May 2019. That was probably one of the proudest days of my life. As I gear up to run the NYC half in March of this year, I wanted to choose a charity I really felt connected to. The founder’s story for Shoe4Africa spoke to me immediately because I have always thought about people in other parts of the world that don’t even have access to shoes. How could they run and be inspired by it if they don’t have shoes to run in? As I read more about the needs of people living in poverty in Africa, I became even more motivated to join this charity. Not only do they not have access to basic needs such as food, water and shelter, but they also have children born into poverty, with cancer who are dying due to lack of resources. The purpose of Shoe4Africa is not only to provide basic needs; the focus is on health, education, and empowerment in order to help African communities survive and thrive. Currently, they are building Sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital. That’s where we come in! Help support the children in Africa and donate to Shoe4Africa. Every dollar counts!