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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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That’s me back in 2011, right after running my best marathon to date in NYC with Shoe4Africa. Back then, each step that I took went towards building the first public children’s hospital in East and Central Africa that is today treating over 430 patients daily!

And now, I’m so happy to be donning this shirt once more — at the NYC Half Marathon on March 15th 2020 (just 9 months since picking up running again after a 6-year hiatus!). This time, Shoe4Africa are raising funds to build the first children’s cancer hospital in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Help me help the less-fortunate kids of Africa by raising US$1,000 towards this noble cause! Any amount will make a difference, and 100% of your donation will be going to saving children’s lives.

Terima kasih — that’s Malaysian for “thank you” and literally means “receive love” <3 <3