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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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How’s your bucket list? Have you ever added to it as life goes on? Ever checked off items on it? Running in the NYC marathon is one of my new ones and I am excited to complete it AND to help this amazing charity, Shoe4Africa! 

Running was never in my mind nor my wheelhouse. I started running in 2019
(yes my kids were heavily involved with planting the seed in my head and watered it occasionally until it started grow) and my first race was a 5k for one of my niece’s (who is a teacher) school as a fundraiser. When I crossed that finish line, the pride of this accomplishment was overwhelming. I continued to run and joined a 6 pack series running in Colorado. 

A client of mine introduced me to Shoe4Africa, so naturally I checked it out and decided to join the team. We were supposed to run last year, but as we all know, the world stopped. The 50th Anniversary of the NYC marathon was canceled. In lieu of getting a refund for this race, I decided to keep this new Life Goal alive and signed up for it again this year.

As a Father in America, it is comforting to know that  “In America, since the 1960’s, we’ve turned cancer from this frightening, inevitably deadly disease into something very fightable.” But it is gut wrenching to hear “That human triumph has not crossed the border into Africa yet… I can save a child with leukemia for $300. That is a disease that has a 90% cure rate in America, and has a 90% death rate in Africa.” American Cancer Society MD, Meg O’Brien.

Shoe4Africa makes every single dollar count. They have virtually no overhead costs, determined to spend every cent on services on the continent. Even this website is an example of their efficiency – organizations like Crowdrise take 3%-5% of a donor’s pledge, whereas this platform ensures that 100% of your donations go towards services, fully tax deductible as a 501(c)3 (Tax ID 020766269).

Thank you for helping this charity and aiding those in an impoverished country to have access to healthcare.