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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I am excited to support Shoe4Africa. Thank you for visiting my Fundraising Page.

Shoe4Africa is a nonprofit organization with the maxim ‘No African Child Left to Die’. Shoe4Africa provides critical healthcare and education services to vulnerable African children.

Ten million kids die per year before reaching a fifth birthday, and they say about 9-million of that number are in Sub Saharan Africa. Main causes of death?  Diarrhea, measles, malaria and acute respiratory diseases – all treatable and curable.

Shoe4Africa built a public kid teaching hospital in Kenia.  Now thousands of kids getting quality healthcare, mothers traveling from all over Kenya knowing that their child will be seen and treated in a timely, dignified, and respectful matter. And their work continues with phase two, e.g. working on a swifter turnover of patients, better equipment, improved services and teaching prevention.

To read more about the incredible mission and projects of Shoe4Africa please visit https://shoe4africa.org

No amount is too small to help a worthwhile cause. Thank you for your generosity and support!