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Running has been more of a psychological and spiritual journey for me.  My personality tends to be antagonistic with myself or those around me. Nothing like a good argument  to get us all thinking about what we believe. Sometimes I just like the energy of the push and pull between minds.

Through running I was able to fullfill my need of internal struggle. The internal battle that takes place in your mind to keep yourself going and not quit.  The solution to the problem of suffering is the willingness to face it. I’ve never ran a marathon before and look forward to pushing myself day to day to complete this.

I am grateful to be able to run for such a noble cause. What is more important then supporting the basic needs of children? Support Shoe4africa by donating to their cause. Their cause being that no child is denied basic healthcare or quality education.  That the sick be tended to and the uneducated be taught.  Thank you again for your support.