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Who am I in a nutshell? A passionate and polyvalent Technology Seller, photographer, globetrotter and sports addict.

I must admit that I wasn’t always striking the right balance. I have been consumed by my career during the first years after graduation and I’ve seen my active life shrinking to the occasional weekend basketball game with friends. It seemed for me unreasonable to have a dynamic and successful career, while being able to travel the world, live all my passions, be active and healthy.

Luckily, that self-talk didn’t last long: I wasn’t that kind of guy. I’ve always been the “Impossible is nothing” kind of guy! (All puns intended 😊). So that became my challenge: doing it all with a lot of will, hard work, discipline and a never give up attitude.

And so, I started 4 years ago, gradually building new micro habits I needed to become the better version of myself I longed for. I took every chance to go discover the world, practice my photography skills, and commit myself to regular exercise, along the way, discovering the universe of calisthenics. Then two years later, I stumbled upon the world of running. It started at the beginning as a bet against a friend who challenged me to run the Dubai Marathon. Few months down the preparation road, I got injured, I couldn’t run the marathon. I lost the bet. But something greater came out of it: I had caught the running worm. I had discovered the joys of the hitting the road and defying my own limits in a way I had never experienced before.

Fast forward to present day, now my bet is to challenge myself to run the 6 majors by the end 2021 and become the first Algerian to complete the feat. As such, I ran Berlin in September 2018 and London in April 2019, Chicago in November 2019; Boston is the next one in April 2020.

Preparing for my first major, led me to another happy accident of my journey; where I got the privilege to run for Save the Children, a charity that is very dear to my heart, bringing my little contribution, by spreading awareness and fundraising for the cause. Since then, I made it part of the journey to run all the six majors and fundraise to help children around the world.