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Hi Everyone!

My name is Nisa Arias, and I am extremely excited to run my first NYC Half with Shoe4Africa this March 2022.  My passion for running started back in 2019 and I finally was able to run my first full marathon in NJ last year.  I really hope to continue running this year and a goal of mine is to be part of the NY marathon and why not represent all those children in South Africa that need access to better hospitals and healthcare systems.

Shoe4Africa focuses on providing health, education and empowering those who need our help the most.

Help me raise money to build the 1st pediatric cancer hospital in Africa. Please know that 9 out 10 children are dying when diagnosed with cancer due to the lack of cancer hospitals and medical resources. Be part of this beautiful cause with me, all you have to do is donate and I will put on the miles!