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I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to run the NYC 2020 marathon.  I’m humbled to join an amazing group of individuals on “Team Endurathon” to raise money and awareness for the Shoe4Africa Juli Anne Perry Children Cancer Hospital. Here in Utah we take for granted the healthcare facilities readily available for our children.  ALL children deserve a safe and supportive place to battle cancer and they need everyone to join the fight!

This picture is of my best friend and me toward the end of my first marathon.  I hit the wall at mile 19 and borrowed strength from those around me to get to the finish line.  Marathons are a lot like life…there are highs and lows but in the end it’s the love and support from those around you who help pull you to the finish.  The strongest friendships are built in the low times and make the highs that much sweeter!  We underestimate the impact of an encouraging word, a smile, or a financial donation to a wonderful cause.  Together we can make the world a better place!