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Shoe4Africa make the difference

On November 4th, 2018 I am extremely grateful and excited for the opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of children in Africa while pushing my mind and body to new limits! You guessed it, I will be running in the New York City Marathon! The marathon is a 26 mile long race across the 5 boroughs of New York City. It is considered the largest Marathon in the world. I am aware that the journey will be EXTREMELY LONG and tiresome, but I know that all things are possible for those who believe! The charity I will be running for is Shoe4africa, an organization that has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for children in the sub Saharan region of Africa through health care, education and empowerment.  Shoe4Africa has been a long lasting participant in the New York City Marathon and many other marathons nationwide. I am thankful for them allowing me to represent them this fall.

I am asking for your support in helping me raise funds for this worthy cause. Your tax deductible donation will ultimately help me reach my overall goal of 3000 dollars raised to make a difference for the shoe4africa charity.

Who is Shoe4Africa

Shoe4Africa means a step forward out of poverty, focusing on the betterment of children’s lives in Africa. Carrying out the everyday life of a kid means stomping in mud, playing in fields, and exploring the world. Shoe4Africa protects Africa’s youth as they traverse the world by addressing parasitic infections like hookworm through donating shoes. They are also responsible for donating second hand running shoes for the massive amount of people wishing to be runners in Kenya with no factory in Kenya making shoes. While shoes are a large part of Shoe4Africa, their mission has a larger focus on continental well-being. People in Sub Saharan Africa continue to suffer as one of the most medically impoverished regions on the planet. The region has 11% of the world’s population but carries 24% of the global disease burden. For Sub Saharan Africa, with an estimated population of 870,000,000 there are currently (only) two public dedicated children’s hospitals; the Red Cross in Cape Town in South Africa, and Shoe4Africa in Eldoret, Kenya. This means that the vast majority of children must go to private institutions, or to an adult hospital; most of which are terribly over-crowded. Case in point; both the national adults hospitals in Kenya run at over 144% bed occupancy. Having more public children’s hospitals is a critical pillar for the future of a healthier East Africa.

Shoe4Africa built the FIRST public children’s hospital (initially a 105-bed, now 150) in the whole of East & Central Africa, and they are constantly at capacity! They also train medics every day at the hospital. The organization has built four public schools that have been gifted to the communities, with over 1,500 kids receiving free quality education and they’ve put thousands of women through our health awareness & empowerment runs. These are just some of the projects Shoe4Africa has completed and how your money will help or grow and expand their mission. Thank you for your added  support, and I will see you at the finish line!