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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I never dreamed I’d run a marathon! And I especially never thought I’d have a brain tumor! After conquering that brain tumor in 2013 I miraculously qualified to run the Boston Marathon one year post-surgery and again 2 years later. I was able to run the Boston Marathon in 2016 and 2017. Since then I’ve also qualified to run the Chicago Marathon twice, which I ran in 2019 & 2022!

There are 6 major marathons; the largest marathons in the world being Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Berlin, & Tokyo. I have a goal of hopefully running them all. I’ve started with the United States ones first. Since I’ve run Boston and Chicago I only need to run NY.  To be eligible you either need a qualifying time or be drawn in the lottery! And while I had a qualifying time in 2020 I unfortunately wasn’t able to get in the queue fast enough during registration which put me in the default lottery draw! With over 185,000 others entering the lottery drawing the odds were stacked against me! I tried again this year and once again did not draw.

So I’m asking friends and family and acquaintances for your help to make my dream come true! I need at least $3,000 worth of donations to support this awesome charity, shoe4africa to help children in need! Running for a charity and for these children makes this marathon even more important to me!

I originally joined this charity in 2020 to raise funds and since then I was diagnosed with a second brain tumor in October last year! I’ve had rounds of radiation to fight it and I came out on top! I know what it’s like to go through treatments and be in the hospital for days on end, and this charity will support children going through situations like mine and possibly even worse.

Your donation will help children with cancer and other health concerns get the help they require! So they can live their lives and be healthy again, so they can come out on top!

I will get to run on their behalf and I’ll be extremely honored to do so! If you’re able to donate, any amount will help me achieve this dream of mine and support others in the process! Give these children and their families a reason to hope. For without hope what is there? I trust and hope everyday my challenges and yours can be made lighter. We need each other to get through hard things. This I know! Please donate and share!

Thank you!