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Hi everyone!

I am humbled and excited to share that I’m running the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon for Shoe4Africa!

In 2022, we raised $10.8k for my Boston Marathon organization and I was truly blown away by the support. This will be my 2nd marathon and I am pumped to fundraise for Shoe4Africa.

Shoe4Africa focusses on the next tier of needs for Africans – health, education, and empowerment – in order to help African brothers and sisters not only survive, but thrive.

Most notably, Shoe4Africa is going to bring one of the first children’s cancer hospital, a 152 bed public facility, to sub Saharan Africa. To put it into perspective, there are over on billion people living in this region and there are less than 3 children’s cancer hospitals. In comparison, the USA has over 157 kids hospitals with 320 million citizens. In sub Saharan Africa, 9/10 children are dying when diagnosed with cancers while in America, 90% of those kids are healed in children’s’ cancer centers.

Public healthcare is something we are so fortunate to experience, and I am fired up to fundraise money to help bring this same type of healthcare to sub Saharan Africa.

Every donation will help fuel Shoe4Africa’s mission and life-changing initiatives. Thank you for all your support!

Monica Carbone

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