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Join me and my family as we raise funds to build the Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Oncology Center–Sub-Saharan Africa’s FIRST pediatric cancer center.  Juli was my amazing aunt who battled cancer for 11 years. She loved children and life. I can’t think of anything else that better represents her love for children and the adventure of life than being a part of creating something that will provide children with a greater chance of survival.  Helping them to be able to live their own adventures. 

It seems that sooner or later every one of us will be affected by a life changing cancer diagnoses.  Whether it be for ourselves or for someone we love.   In June my brother, Brandon, was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Surgery was performed a few days later and we began the process to understand his prognosis and options for treatment.

Being the nosy and bossy oldest sister, I decided I was going to be at every appointment and help him during this crazy and scary time in his life.  Weeks went by waiting for calls from the oncologist we were referred to.  Nothing was straightforward or easy.  Trying daily to get additional tests, blood work done and blood work lost, tests ordered and reordered most of which we had to manage on our own being bounced from doc to doc without a clear roadmap. Meanwhile, anxiety and fear is mounting.  Some days it seemed impossible.   After several difficult weeks of this we were lucky enough to get him into an amazing facility with a great doc.  The process immediately turned around.  As I write this, he is sitting next to me receiving his second round of chemo.  His prognosis is good and we feel he is in good hands. The process has been humbling to say the least.

As a parent of two young girls, I cannot imagine facing a cancer diagnosis for one of them and beginning the process I am currently experiencing with my brother.  It is a terrifying thought. I know many families have that as their reality.  Imagine being that parent, and having NOWHERE to go for care. This is why the Juli Anne Perry Pediatric Oncology Center is so important. 9/10 kids in Africa with cancer will die while its just the opposite in the US- 9/10 will live! The new hospital will be a step in turning around the prognosis for so many children.  The facility will not only be the first childrens cancer facility in Sub Saharan Africa -it will also be a public hospital. The services are free and available to families from every economic situation. 

The greatest part of this project is that this is an opportunity for others to be a part of something greater than themselves and to help save the life of a child.  Every dollar donated goes directly to the children’s hospital and cancer center.

Imagine being part of something that can bring hope and healing to those where it doesn’t currently exist.  Thank you for your donation.  It will be a gift that keeps on giving.