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It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since running the 2017 New York City Marathon. So much has changed since then, globally, immediately, and with Shoe4Africa, who I am proudly representing, fundraising and running for in the 2021 NYC Marathon!

Not long after running my first marathon with Shoe4Africa in 2014, the organization opened the doors to its first hospital in Eldoret, Kenya in 2015. Since then the public hospital has grown to serve 400+ patients per day. Now Shoe4Africa is taking on the challenge of building a second hospital in Kenya, and the first children’s cancer hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa. As with the first hospital, and the four public schools Shoe4Africa opened, the second will employ Kenyan doctors and specialists, creating jobs and a community around another facility desperately needed. I receive updates regularly from Shoe4Africa, even when the team is not fundraising for advancements, and I am truly humbled by their efforts and to serve this cause.

As in years past I am rallying last minute support to reach my goal for Shoe4Africa before race day on Sunday, November 7. It can be an abstract concept to donate to a cause that serves people and a part of the world that you may never see. Add to that a pandemic that has impacted all of us on different levels, and I realize that it may be a lot ask even a small donation while providing care in more immediate ways. Even those small donations will help though, and I greatly appreciate any amount that puts Shoe4Africa closer to their ambitious goals.

Training for a marathon can be a serious commitment of time. I am beyond grateful that Mari, my partner, Lyle, my older son, and Luca, my younger son, allowed me the many hours to make sure marathon day is a joy to run. I’ve actually had the incredible companionship of Luca, pictured here in his wily, wonderful essence (the band aid is purely for effect), tracking  hundreds of miles and taking in views of various cities from the seat of our rolling stroller. Alongside the communities that Shoe4Africa reaches, I dedicate running this race to my loving family.

If you have any questions about Shoe4Africa, I’d love to give you a better view of the organization and how your donation will help. I am hoping to meet my goal in one fell swoop, but I may humbly return for additional support if its not met by the first week of November. For those of you who’ve donated in the past, or are able to donate this year, I am so grateful. And for those of you in New York, I hope to see you out on the sidelines, and maybe even in the marathon mix!