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Please Help Sponsor My Run in the 2022 NYC Marathon!

Please be with me in spirit when I run the TCS New York City Marathon on November 6, 2022! On that day, the NYC marathon turns 51 and I turn 61 years old!

New York will be the 50th state in my quest to run a marathon in each of our great United States. Please celebrate my birthday as well as the end of my personal quest as I run the NYC marathon to raise money for an outstanding organization devoted to children’s health, education, and empowerment for women and children!

Why I’m Running A Marathon in Each of the 50 States:

I started running marathons back in Chicago, thinking I’d do “just one,” swearing off the marathon “forever” after the first three marathons in that great Midwestern city. When I moved back to California – thankful for the great job and for being back in my hometown San Pedro, I ran the Long Beach Marathon as a way to celebrate my return to this coast. Soon, reaching a new age or aiming for a new dream seemed cause enough for me to run “just one more” marathon. By the time trouble hit, I was already used to the marathon – or going the distance – as a way to move through pains and muster up hope. Like an old friend, the marathon has been there for me, promising there will be a finish line. From the Boston Marathon to the Maui Marathon, where I first learned of the 50 States Marathon Club, these 26-mile runs are some of my favorite memories reminding me that we can indeed make it through the challenges we inevitably face. Doing distance has been one of my greatest joys and biggest helps in times of challenge.

How I’m Training for The Big Apple Finish:

Hard times drove me for so long that sometimes I actually find it harder to run now that I’m so happy. But in these past two years, I’ve watched a lot of you face many challenges and sorrows, so I’m eager to up my game in many ways, running being just one of those ways.

In the year leading up to the New York City Marathon on November 6, 2022, I will be running five of the remaining six states left as I complete my 50-state marathon quest. I learned from other 50-staters that some marathons can be seen as “training runs,” so when I sign up, I just show up, lace up, and finish up – no fast races for me anymore.  Other ways I’m training for the Big Finish in New York is by eating better, strengthening my knees, and picking up my pace a bit by getting over my aversion to running hills. I also read your social media posts to stay motivated! Thank you for sharing how you too endure and rise again!

Why Finish in New York City:

When running the 50 states first occurred to me as something I could do, I always hoped New York would be my 50th state. It was New York that birthed many of my dreams, and now that my daughter Alexandra lives and works there, I’m all the more eager to rekindle big dreams in the Big Apple! I’ve always used the marathon as a way of envisioning things I want to see or make happen, and the fact that this next marathon takes place on my birthday means I get to make big wishes with every exhalation along the course! I’ll be wishing for some things for all of us the world over, knowing you too are out there making things happen, helping all kinds of people along the way.

Why I Choose to Run for Shoe4Africa and How You Can Help Me:

Since 1995 — for as long as I’ve been running marathons – the non-profit organization Shoe4Africa has been building community on the ground in Africa, listening to the people there about what they most need to not only survive, but thrive.

Shoe4Africa has built the second of only three public children’s hospitals that serve the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa, a region with more than 1 billion people. Since they partner with Moi Medical School, they are also a teaching hospital, which means they’re helping to further empower the next generation to heal their community. Now Shoe4Africa plans to replicate their success and build in Kenya a second hospital, which will be the first children’s cancer hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa. As with the first hospital, and the five public schools Shoe4Africa opened, the second hospital will employ Kenyan doctors and specialists, creating jobs and a community around another facility desperately needed. You can read more about everything that Shoe4Africa is doing at https://shoe4africa.org/mission-accomplishments/