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Dear friends and family,

This November I am running for the children who can’t.  I will be running the TCS New York City Marathon to support Shoe4Africa in its mission to help East African children born into poverty and diagnosed with cancer.  Nine out of ten of these children will not survive (as compared to one out of ten in the United States).  It is estimated 100,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa are diagnosed each year — that equates to 90,000 deaths per year.

I first became acquainted with Shoe4Africa when traveling in Kenya in 2019.  While there, I met the founder, Toby Tanser, and learned that Shoe4Africa opened the first public children’s general hospital in East Africa in 2015.  The hospital has treated over 650,000 children to date.  Please see more information regarding the hospital at https://shoe4africa.org/our-hospital/.

Shoe4Africa has committed to building the first children’s cancer hospital in sub-Saharan Africa.  Please help us make this cancer hospital a reality!  Donations are tax deductible.  Please see information regarding the organization’s financials at https://shoe4africa.org/financials/.

With gratitude,