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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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Hi Friends & Family,

This March we will be running the NYC Half Marathon 2022 (our first official half marathon). We are so happy to announce that we will be running in support of Shoe4Africa. Shoe4Africa is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization on a mission to improve the health and education of African children. In 2015, Shoe4Africa opened East & Central Africa’s 1st Public Children’s Hospital where over 400 children are treated every day. Currently, they’re committed to building sub-Saharan Africa’s 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. 9 out of 10 kids who are diagnosed with cancer in this region do not survive, compared to 1 out of 10 kids in the United States.

We are hoping to raise at least $1,200 and 100% of the funds raised will go directly towards building the 1st Children’s Cancer Hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. Please join us in supporting this incredibly important cause. With your donation and our miles, we can help to provide healthcare access to those who need it the most!

Thank you,

Leah & Holden 🙂