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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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It is with deep meaning that my husband Doug and I sign up for the NYC 2021 marathon! We are very excited about our “Team Endurathon” and raising money for the Shoe4Africa Juli Anne Perry Children Cancer Hospital! We became acquainted with Toby Tanser 3 years ago when we ran the NYC marathon as a family in honor of Doug’s first wife Juli who ran the NYC during her cancer treatments in 2006. Sadly cancer took her in 2010.

After meeting with Toby Tanser and learning more about Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital we wanted to see for ourselves so went went to visit last May 2019. We visited the schools, women’s groups and the hospital. I have two words to describe our experience- Life Changing! We are all in to promote Shoe4Africa and honored that a much needed cancer hospital will be named Shoe4Africa Juli Anne Perry Children’s Cancer Hospital.  This 100-150 room hospital will save hundreds of children’s lives each year!

I hope you can join us in this wonderful cause!