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On Nov 4th, i’ll participate in my 2nd NYC Marathon (and 2nd as a member of the Shoe4Africa team). I’m
beyond stoked to be running this race again — truly an unforgettable feeling that i’m thrilled to relive! I’ve been braving the Tri-state temperatures for long runs and am feeling strong – now I just need to get to the fundraising!

For those unaware, Shoe4Africa has been dedicated to helping/saving needy children in the third world since 1995. I’m proud to have played a small part in several fundraising events that helped them open the first public children’s hospital in East + Central Africa. Since it’s opening in 2015, they have treated over 250,000 kids. Amazing. Our continued fundraising work for Shoe4Africa provides further healthcare support in a country where pediatric healthcare is mostly a dream. This is very important work and i’m honored to represent them in the NY Marathon again.

My fundraising goal is $3,000.00 — if you have the means, please donate — anything counts, of course!

For any further questions/info, please feel free to reach back to me… or you can also visit the shoe4africa.org site.

Love + Gratitude,