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shoe4africa - make the difference!

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I am running the 2023 NYC marathon!!!

First off, thank you for being here and supporting this amazing organization 🙂

This is my first marathon and I am so proud to be running with Shoe4Africa. They focus on saving and empowering the lives of children and women through proper medical care, education and of course running!!! They have built the first children’s hospital in Sub Saharan Africa, 8 schools, and host countless events and running groups geared towards empowerment and community! Plus they are currently working to build the first Sub-Saharan children’s cancer hospital!! I reached out to them because of my experience in Madagascar which had a very profound impact on my life. While America has its own issues, nothing prepared me for the poverty, inadequate education system and complete lack of modern medicine I witnessed while staying there. The public health crisis across Africa is devastating but this organization is making an amazing impact! I appreciate your support and generosity as I complete this lifetime goal of mine <3